Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#9: Body Parts #8 - The Cheek Bone

Yes ... I have strange sleep habits.

Every once in a while, I will arise with some odd mark on my face.

I will awaken some mornings looking like someone cold-cocked me in my sleep.

Every now and again, I will have a "third eye" smack dab in between my two regular ones, positioned just atop my nose.

My forehead will look as if I was out carousing the night before, complete with scratches and markings.

I had the abrasion you see above in evidence when I looked in the mirror
yesterday morning. How it got there I haven't a clue.

It could be the work of Bob The Dog. Or, perhaps,
The Blue People.

I'm not certain. Feel free to guess .....

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
#9 of 365 (The Second Go Around)
And the cheek bone's connected to the .....


bigdoc said...

I think it's from your alien abductions. You've probably been probed elsewhere. But, your mind has blocked that out. You should ge a full CT scan to see if the aliens implanted any microchips or tracking devices. I wouldn't want to think that Rupe's weirdness came from outer space.

Wildhair said...

Your face was resting on your left hand and that's the mark your wedding ring left. Or sumfin'

TopSurf said...

I'm going w/ bigdoc here, you should get a full CT scan to see if there are any micro chips or tracking devices!

Samantha White said...

it's ghosts. they do strange things to the nicest of people. damn those ghosts!