Monday, January 18, 2010

#7: Body Parts #7 - The Hand

In the continuing "Body Parts" series ..... offered here is "The Hand".

This hand (it just so happens to be mine) comes courtesy of a season's worth of holiday decorating.

Cuts. Bruises. Cracks. Jagged nails. (They definitely need to be trimmed. Longer nails come in handy during decorating. You don't want to know.)

Torn to shreds cuticles. (I've had more pine needles jabbed up beneath them than I care to admit ... and they hurt like a son of a gun. In addition, they're so ragged, they could double as an alien landscape in some up and coming science fiction flick.)

Additional slashes obscure my fingertips. (Trust me: if I ever decide to go "serial killer", the authorities haven't got anything on my fingerprints - I'm unrecognizable.)

Sap and electrical tape stains mar my palms. Scabs which will turn into marks of the season will forever be reminders of 2009.

These are the badges of the year's end of workery.

(If you've missed any, here are the rest of the Body Parts series.)

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
#7 of 365 (The Second Go Around)


Wildhair said...

I didn't notice the nails, cuticles, cuts or bruises. I simply admired the gleaming band of gold.

cajunvegan said...

I was totally hoping for jazz hands. Sigh. However, strong hands are not a disappointment.

bigdoc said...

Gotta hand it to ya. You're quite handy.

mehitabel said...

I have no fingerprints, either. Years of washing dishes, babies, cleaning, scrubbing, oh and yes, hand sewing, quilting, all that--I had to give up my dream of becoming a Notary Public because the Sec of State of Calif. didn't like my lack of fingerprints!

TopSurf said...

Hands of a hard worker, nothing wrong with that!