Tuesday, January 12, 2010

#1: Badass


And so's the bike.

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
#1 of 365 (Fiscal Year 2, The Second Go Around)

Side Note

Well, that was a short respite ..... wasn't it?

I barely cool from the warmth of my premiere 365 Project accomplishment and I'm back in the fray, ready for Round 2. Go figure.

Since I'm on a roll (stands to see if he's sitting on anything) I might as well keep the momentum churning forward. I'll continue to post regularly ..... but if I'm not as "a-post-a-day" diligent as the first go round, I won't lose any hair over it. I'll still do what I can to pop an image on daily, just without the constant nudging of it needing to be done each and every 24th hour. There may be a pause or hiccup, but each posting will be for a particular day.

So sit tight ... keep your hands and arms in at all times ..... secure your wallets and any loose change ..... and let's see where this new ride takes us (pun intended, given the image above).


TopSurf said...

Glad you are on a roll, I totally wish I was rolling on that bike because it is Badass!

Wildhair said...

I really, really, really dig that angle/view of the shot. that's a sweet ride...and I mean the bike. :P

Web-Betty said...

Wildhair stole my line, lol! :-)

Great perspective. Definitely Badass!

Milkayphoto said...

You are already off to a GREAT start! The angle of perspective is perfect and the stance of the said 'badass' is classic. Well done!

bronsont said...

Is he at Starbucks getting a skinny carmel frappichino with extra whipped cream?

Love the shot!

Jérôme Aoustin said...

Great composition Rupe :o) Round two is getting off to a flying start.

bigdoc said...

Real badasses don't even OWN helmets!