Wednesday, March 31, 2010

#79: The Sound Of One Foot Walking

Blue. Shoe.

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
#79 of 365 (Second Go Around)
Walkin' no more.


TopSurf said...

At least they aren't Blue & Suede, then we'd be looking for Elvis!

Ms Mgt said...

Where do all the single shoes by the side of the road come from, anyway?! I always imagine that someone is riding in a car, with their foot hanging out the window, when the breeze rips their shoe right off... Do you think that's how it happens..?

Ruprecht said...

I can only hypothesize as to the single shoes that are out and about on the sides of the road …

… but I can attest first hand as to the Beck CD lying somewhere on the northbound venture along Interstate 15 to Utah my wife "accidentally" lost a grip on when I asked it be placed in the CD player for my listening pleasure and, instead, held hostage out the window.