Thursday, December 31, 2009

#346 - #353: Whilst In Park City

A bit of catching up to do while on a Christmas vacation. Onward .....

#346: Iced Up To The Crossbar

Bicycles buried in the snow, obviously, on the side of the neighbor's house .....

#347: Snowprints

The new Christmas Eve tradition: Planting your bare ass in a snow bank and leaving impressions.

Not only photographic evidence, but no harm was done to the environment.


#348: Prime Rib

Christmas dinner included the traditional prime rib.

Cooked to perfection - rare in the middle, medium on the ends .....

#349: Hasta!

Dea, heading down the run at Gorgoza in Park City.

Bon voy Ha-Gee .....

#350: Non-Removal

Taggy The Tagger. He's just grand, Sierra.

(Yes .... I know you don't get it. Click onto "Taggy" for a close-up and you'll figure it out .....)

#351: No Green, Right Side

In and around Park City during the 2002 Olympics, The Powers That Be decided to place colorfully painted moose around town.

In the main square. At the occasional gas station. At Olympic Park. At the library.

They were (and still are) interesting, at the very least. But they are worse for wear, as Sunshine Eye above shows you .....

#352: Beef

"Beef"? Really?

Why ... but of course.

They're "beefing up" the ski runs at Park City Mountain Resort, making more snow, you see. If it weren't for those damned wind creations getting in the way ... spinning ... catching eyes .....

#353: Happy Birthday

Next month, it's the birthdays of them there cream cheeses.

They'll be four years old January 21st.

And, while they're still relatively "young", I'd be willing to bet they're "bleu cheese" colored within their protective wrappings.

I'm not willing to find out

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
#346 - #353 of 365
It's catch up time .....


Wildhair said...

You are a nut ... by the way, how's 'em on ice? err snow? bwahahahaha

TopSurf said...

Excellent, all of the above are excellent. That prime rib looks good enough to eat!! ;-)

cajunvegan said...

January 21 is the birthday of someone who loves cream cheese and is sadly no longer four (even in dog years).

Ruprecht said...

In this case, I believe I will have to get said cheese out of the MIL's fridge on en route to North Las Vegas, cajunvegan .....