Sunday, December 6, 2009

#328: Celebration

There was a little accident on the way to the party last evening by evidence of the droopery on the left front of the above.

Being we share a birthday, the SIL believed not one, but two homemade cakes were in order. (How very nice of her.) Air conditioning cranked full blast to keep the cakes from melting on the journey to our house, SIL had to make a sudden stop. Result: Smooshed German Chocolate on her passenger seat.

It didn't matter one whit. My cake was delicious.

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
#328 of 365
Let'em eat cake.

Two for the price of one bonus photo ... !!!


Wildhair said...

Mmmm chocolatey. I'm not typically a fan of chocolate cake, but German Chocolate is the exception. I wonder why that is?
My sister and I are close to sharing a birthday ... her's the day before mine. Many times we've shared our birthday but had separate cakes (growing up).

The Management said...

A little smoosh doesn't bother me. I'll take a slice of each, thank you.
Happy Birthday, Rupe!