Friday, October 30, 2009

#291: Bill

This is Bill.

He's been around for years.

He comes out for a visit every Halloween. Bill is a life-size plaster skull. He has a 20+ year old coat of glow-in-the-dark paint applied to him that has long since faded into oblivion. His lower jaw is unattached ... but you can't really blame him for that. I mean, after all ..... he doesn't have anything to hold it in place, y'know?

But that's okay. I carry it around for him. I don't mind.

Bill comes with me wherever I go during Halloween. And during Día de Los Muertos
, too.

The dude's a trooper. Bill never complains. Bill goes back in his box come the end of the season. Bill waits patiently for the next Halloween.

He's such a keeper .....

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
#291 of 365
Bill is featured in this October Theme.


TopSurf said...

He also has a face only his keeper could love! LOL

Wildhair said...

words cannot express.....

Jérôme Aoustin said...

What's the story behind Bill? Who was he?

Ruprecht said...

Rupe’s glad you asked, Jérôme.

Perusing a Goodwill locale one fine afternoon, I spied Bill. He was sitting all by his lonesome on a shelf, looking rather glum. (Believe you me, he doesn’t look glum any longer.)

It was March. No wonder he was down in the mouth. No other appropriate, friendly associates were around or about with Bill. No spiders. No flies. No ghost, goblins or detached limbs. Blacklights and webbing and costumes had been long since tucked away carefully leaving Bill alone and a tad remorseful.

And that’s how I found him: All alone on a shelf, looking rather glum.

I acquired him … applied some freshly ghoulish paints … and he’s been grateful ever since.

You can tell …..

mehitabel said...

His twin lives with my daughter and son in law. They do ossim Halloween deco--I think Scott should be Rupe's apprentice!