Friday, June 19, 2009

#160: A Freeway Closure Waiting To Happen

Good Gordness ... one quick turn and it's splayed across the freeway.

(What can you identify piled high on this thing? I like the boombox, myself.)

....................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


TopSurf said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG! This is the best shot ever!! Myself I love the pot on the side and the toddler bed slapped right on top!! I seriously cannot believe someone left their house with the truck packed this way and hit the highway!!!

The Management said...

Whoa, nelly! Is that the Clampetts? I spy a bike with no wheel, mattresses, a wheelbarrow and a dishwasher...?
Love this shot. Good for you for not having your own wreck taking the picture while hurtling down the highway...

On a limb with Claudia said...

Moving is such a bitch....

~Just Jen~ said...

Clampetts moving into your neighborhood Rupe?

Let's see...

2-3 bikes
2 tables
a window
twin mattress and box spring
boom box
a table (and what appears to be a table in the front)
toddler bed
under bed storage for the toddler bed
a dishwasher or small stove
a red "Tote"
and what is assumed to be several closet (or otherwise) doors

(and lets hope they were going to the dump with all that crap cause *shudder*)

Susan (lotusHips) said...

I love the ropes & bungies holding the whole mess together. It looks like you could pull on just the right knot and the whole thing would collapse :)

bigdoc said...

Well, if it completely overturns, it will be neatly stacked in a wheelbarrel for easy disposal.

JT said...

Too funny :) Terrific find and capture!