Thursday, June 11, 2009

#152: Paper? Nope .....

This guy ... this guy was a kick.

He was bound and determined to get his morning paper at any cost. No cost, preferably. He deposited his quarters in the rack and proceeded to practically rip the door off when it wouldn't open.

Have you ever seen the Tacoma Narrows Bridge footage, the one with the car on it in the midst of a gale? Where Professor Farquharson risked his life to rescue a dog stranded in a car on that swaying span? That's what this newspaper stand looked like with this dude yanking on it, trying to get his paper out. It was arcing and bowing so much, I thought it would slingshot off into the distance. The guy looked as if he was going to "Hulk out" he was so angry during his attempts.

Still, the rack would not yield its paper.

I left before seeing what the result of his efforts were. Rupe'll pass by later today. If the rack is missing, he'll get a follow-up shot for you .....

....................... Ruprecht ( STOP )

News Flash, June 12, 2009: Paper rack is still standing and functional.


TopSurf said...

As determined as he was, I betcha he eventually got that paper!

Wildhair said...

Oof! I feel sorry for vending machines and pop machines when that guy approaches.