Monday, June 28, 2010

Life ... And Round 3


It's what happens when life ..... happens.

Thus, the absence. Rupe thought he'd be able to play catch up, even after a couple weeks. But, whereas this posting should be at photo #162, well ... time just got the best of my efforts and slipped away.

I'll be bending 'the rules'. Posting a photo a day is challenging, something I did during Year One of the project. (And proud of it.) There will be breaks of days when I won't be able to accommodate that discipline, but my 'catch up' efforts won't go weeks on end. If it ends up coming to that, I'll take a bow and move on.

So ... here goes Round 3. Want to come along?

................... Ruprecht ( STOP )
(Round 3)


PG said...

's all good. there's no police force patroling the daily photo beat.

carry on!

cajunvegan said...


TopSurf said...

I wouldn't miss the ride for the world! Welcome back!

Marissa said...

I've missed you. Dig this pic, by the way.

word verification: fooffeen

That made me giggle.

Ms Mgt said...

What PG said. Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're back! :-)

Yep, count me in. But, you'd better not go away again without so much as an adios or I'll be forced to come lookin' for ya... ;-)