Thursday, April 30, 2009

#110: Aw Shucks


Roasted sweet corn .....

....................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


TopSurf said...

We have a food festival of sorts here in September, and it's huge. People come from all over to attend the 3 day event. There is a roasted corn vender like this one there and it's one of the most popular stands at the festival. YUMMY!

Wildhair said...

Mmmm Hoopeston,Il -- Sweet corn capital of the world (or it was until the cannery shut down)They still have the Sweet Corn Festival every year near the end of August. OH. M. G! For free you get all the cooked, buttered and salted sweet corn you can carry. Yeah, bring the wheelbarrow. Now, do they do that at a Cherry Festival?